F7 – Odd Tongues (Perhaps The Bitter End?) – A Journey Through Unusual Disorders Of The Periapex and Beyond

Dentists are constantly called upon to evaluate unusual abnormalities at or beyond the apex of a tooth. Such “odd ends” can be innocuous, and usually are, but they can also represent potentially fatal disorders, locally aggressive disease or oral signs of systemic diseases. They can also represent bone marrow disease capable of producing intense pain, hence, “the bitter end.” This clinically focused seminar will review these diseases and summarize helpful diagnostic tools and management techniques. Discussion starts where the tooth root ends, but a bit of information about pulpal disorders will also be provided.

Learning Objectives:
• The variety of radiographic lesions found in the region surrounding the tooth apex
• The various clinical presentations of periradicular disorders
• The appropriate diagnostic workup for periradicular disorders
• The radiographically hidden periradicular disorders capable of producing pain

AGD Code: 730

3 CE Hours

Audience: D, H, C

Dentists: $65 | Hygienists: $50 | All Other Categories: $45

Technical & Scientific
Location: Room TBD Date: February 8, 2019 Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Dr. Jerry Bouquot