T30 – Ridge Preservation Techniques After Tooth Extractions Lecture W and Workshop

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This lecture and hands-on course is designed to teach the general dentist and specialists how to effectively and predictably maintain the dimensions of the alveolar ridge following tooth extractions. This course will demonstrate new techniques in exodontia to atraumatically perform extractions while preserving the bone and cortical plate. Participants will learn how to make extractions more predictable resulting in less chair time, a less traumatic patient experience, happier patients and increased referrals. A unique feature of this course is hands-on (typodonts) for practicing atraumatic extraction and surgical techniques for hard and soft tissue preservation following extractions. At the end of the course the participants should have the ability to correctly plan and effectively utilize various surgical extraction ridge preservation techniques.

Learning Objectives:
• Perform modern techniques of tooth extraction
• Understand the benefits and rationale for ridge preservation
• Understand how the biologic events during healing of the extraction socket relate to the ridge preservation concepts
• Understand the role of different biomaterials on socket preservation techniques
• Understand the differences between ridge preservation and ridge augmentation procedures
• Understand and apply basic surgical concepts related to ridge preservation procedures

AGD Code: 490

4 CE Hours

Audience: D

All Categories: $95

Location: Date: February 7, 2019 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Dr. Nikolaos Soldatos Dr. Popi Stylianou