The exhibiting company agrees to carry insurance for a single limit of not less than one million dollars for its employees, agents, contractors, and representatives present at The Star of the South Dental Meeting in each of the following categories: Broad Form General Liability and Automobile Liability. The exhibitor agrees to provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance providing benefits for the state of Texas and Employers’ Liability of one hundred thousand dollars per accident. An umbrella liability policy would be satisfactory provided all these areas are covered. The policy must name as additional insureds: The Star of the South Dental Meeting; the Greater Houston Dental Society; the officials show contractor; Houston First Corp. and the City of Houston. Exhibitor must provide a Certificate of Insurance showing the policy in effect through April 24, 2021. ALL EXHIBITORS MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF INSURANCE BY JUNE 25, 2021. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you do not have insurance, or you would rather not use your own insurance, (similar to when you rent a car – so that claims would not be filed against your policy), we have set up a program with Rainprotection Insurance through which, you can purchase compliant insurance instantly online for only $89.  Click her for more information on how to apply.