F1 – Kamas Memorial Lecture: Safety and Simplicity in Root Canal Instrumentation: Myths, Metal and Motion

Educational funding provided by Real World Endo

Endorsed by the Houston Academy of General Dentistry

AGD Code: 070

3 Hour Lecture | Technical and Scientific

Dentists: $65 | Hygienists: $50 | All Other Categories: $45 | UTSD Students/Faculty: $0

As a result of recent advances in metallurgy, we now have both heat treated and non-heat treated rotary files. They each possess different
properties and both have indications for use as well as limitations. These improvements should be employed to their utmost advantage. A
blended technique that combines the advantages of both heat treated and non-heat treated files into one Awesome Endodontic Technique will
be presented.
Learning Objectives:
• Learn how rotary file design influences instrumentation safety and efficiency.
• Comprehend the advantages of heat-treated files and how best to use them.
• Cover the most effective instrument motions available for shaping root canals and their advantages and limitations.

Technical & Scientific
Location: Room TBD Date: February 21, 2020 Time: 8:30 am - 11:30 am Dr. Mario Abdennour