F30 – Current Strategies for Successful Dental Management of Sleep Apnea

Educational funding provided by Dental Sleep Solutions

AGD Code: 730

6 Hour Lecture | Technical and Scientific

Dentists: $125 | Hygienists: $95 | All Other Categories: $85

Today every dentist reading this will see a few patients undiagnosed and untreated for life threatening sleep apnea. Dentists are now front-line healthcare providers responsible for both identifying dental complications caused by an underlying airway problems and providing treatment with mandibular repositioning devices for sleep disordered breathing. This course covers the A-to-Z protocols involved in doing so.

Objectives: This program is designed to improve the participants ability to:

  • Identify dental problems caused by sleep disordered breathing
  • Understand the dentists role in the diagnostic and treatment process for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Understand the role of oral appliance therapy in management of sleep disordered breathing
  • Understand the medical billing process, including Medicare guidelines, for the dental management of OSA

Technical & Scientific
Location: Room TBD Date: February 21, 2020 Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Mr. John Nadeau