F35 – Update on Medical Emergencies

AGD Code: 142

3 Hour Lecture | Technical and Scientific

Dentists: $65 | Hygienists: $50 | All Other Categories: $45
This lecture will explore the “Conversational History” and how it will uncover medical issues not revealed by the standard health history form. Additionally, the participant will learn simple, non-invasive critical tests that can reduce overall risks. We clearly delineate indications for emergency drug use and proper dosages, as well as demonstrate how to assemble and maintain an ideal emergency drug kit. The newest techniques for drug administration will be shown for participants to hone their skills utilizing simulation models and real drugs. Attendees will receive and review color-coded instructional cards depicting the most common life-threatening situations with algorithms providing an easy to follow action plan for both dentist and team members. The legal and moral obligations that are presented during a medical crisis will also be reviewed.
Learning Objectives:
• Discover three simple chair-side, non-invasive tests to help avoid an emergency
• Recognize the most frequent life threatening emergencies and know when and why they occur
• Review a systematic approach to treat the most common life-threatening scenarios
• Learn how to develop a plan for the office team when dealing with a crisis event
• Determine when to administer the essential “Top 10” emergency drugs
• Understand legal and moral obligations presented by medical emergencies

Technical & Scientific
Location: Room TBD Date: February 21, 2020 Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Dr. Daniel Pompa